Intuitively manage your digital files through a single interface. Upon upload, it automatically sorts content by file type and allows you to assign these items to one or multiple content type without creating copies or duplicates. Utilize existing information embedded on files as well as add keywords, custom metadata and interlinking documents. Rackit can be deployed on premises providing its customers leveraging its own architecture and confidentiality. Rackit has been developed to comply with optimum secured architecture, extensive security measures as the application is a repository of sensitive and confidential data.

Benefits of using Rackit:

◽ Have a central location for all your digital files that securely manages your treasured pieces of work.

◽ Eliminate the cost of lost or misplaced work.

◽ Improve collaboration and access to critical assets.

◽ Keep track of your files’ history – reuse your digital files to maximize your asset.

◽ Be informed on the usage and viewing of your digital files.

◽ Keep files securely maintained in the Rackit while collaborating with internal and external teams.

Overall Equipment Efficiency Monitoring (OEE)

It is one of the coveted project done by RMM for Ltd. OEE is a complex application linked with various parameters to monitor productivity and calculate shutdown losses of all the production lines of a renowned FMCG company located across the globe.
It calculates :

◽ Shut Down Losses .

◽ Down Time Losses.

◽ Performance Losses.

◽ Defect Losses .

◽ Total Time.

◽ Loading Time.

◽ Operating Time .

◽ Net Operating Time .

◽ Value Operation Time

◽ Capacity Utilization .

◽ Availability .

◽ Performance .

◽ Quality Rate .

◽ OEE .

◽ MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) .

◽ MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) .

◽ % of Man Power Deployment .

◽ % of Man Power Productivity Level .

◽ M/C Productivity at 80% Efficiency .


A multi level simplified application to manage enterprise capital expenditure complex approval cycles, eliminates manual, non-standardize process, improves collabaration and access to critcal assets. CapReview improves KPA and KRA and avoids unproductive communications and emails. CapReview can be deployed on premises providing its customers leveraging its own architecture and confidentiality. CapReview has been developed to comply with optimum secured architecture.

Benefits of using CapReview:

◽ Multi level and simple to complex approval cycles.

◽ Eliminate Manual, non-standardized processes.

◽ Easily attach supporting documentation. Improve collaboration and access to critical assets.

◽ Avoid unproductive communications and emails.

◽ Notifications and reporting. Provide a clear audit trail that’s easy to understand and manage.

Media Vault Portal

The Media Vault Portal is a concept of media and Branding department of Xyz Ltd. Since the Media related information and regulations are extremely dynamic , departments in concerned and the decision making individuals face stiff challenge in getting actual scenario while taking decisions. Media Vault portal provide solution to alleviate the pain of getting latest report at correct time. Media department Upload related updated documents continuously in the portal so that the documents can be easily accessible by management and other related staffs as well.


A flexible application to monitor the outdoor media activity with transperancy through geo location and address tracking about the location of the click in real time which can be accessed at Dashboard view application. It also provides audit trail to monitor the prevoius done media activities to make the branding cost effective.

Benefits of using TrackBrand:

◽ Product Management for retail activity.

◽ Activity List with various filters. Approve / Disapprove activity for monitoring.

◽ Deployable in low cost android devices. User Creation with IMEI number for authentic usage.

◽ Data and Images stored in cloud server for global access. With mobile and geo location tracking it monitors everything right from your desktop.

◽ Prevent mobile users from editing a location for integrity. It monitors out door activities and therefore high level of transparency.

Online Inventory Management for Track Machine Department

This software had been developed for a particular zone of Indian Railway maintains its tracks with various kind of Engines/Machines which are usually known as Track Machines. Spares and consumables for those machines are maintained at Sini which is very remote place at Jharkhand and Kharagpur,West Bengal. Monitoring inventory level from Head Quarter is an uphill task for management. Our online Inventory management system facilitates the organisation to evaluate inventory position and even helps forecasting expenses.