Welcome to RMM Communications Systems Pvt. Ltd.

RMM Communications Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a technology software service provider having global presence established with the objective of providing quality software services to IT savvy enterprises worldwide. Since its inception Rmm has successfully implemented projects independently as well as with partner organizations.

With speciality practice teams in most industries and virtually every functional discipline, we provide our clients with high quality, seamless service. Due to cost effective, reliable quality software services Rmm has built and sustained a reputation of excellence in Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing.

RMM Communications Systems Pvt. Ltd. is an global custom software development company focused on various Methodologies like Agile Methodology, Scrum Methodology, TDD Methodology and Spiral Methodology for Continuous Delivery. We provide outsourced professional application and are well-known by providing timely and efficient services along with maintaining long-term resourceful relationships with our clients and partners.

No matter the industry, because of rapid escalation it becomes difficult to manage every department in perfect way in all enterprises, so we provide an integrated suite of information system that helps to operate almost every segment of an enterprise.

Our Core Technology


    In Rmm developers begin with a minimum 2 years and senior developers and architechts are over 5 years of experience in custom software development having excellent skill of ASP.NET, C#.NET, PHP, MySQL.

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    In Rmm PHP-MySQL is widely used for database package which are originally designed for web application development to produce dynamic web pages it is the major technology on the web development market.

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    In Rmm we focus on future technology like AngularJS, Angular is the best flexible, upgraded technology, next generation framework to create dynamic web apps and single page applications (SPA).